Oil Spill Containment & Recovery

Marine ChemicalsAGOS offers a wide range of oil spill response services. This is made possible through a combination of our dedicated response capability and strategic partnership.

Based on our diverse customer changing needs, we have broadened our scope of services to include:

  • Oil spills of any size
  • Shoreline cleanup
  • Hazardous material spill response
  • Response to other emergencies

Our capabilities includes analysis of oil spill movement on water and distribution on the shoreline, Mechanical Recovery, such as, remote sensing technologies to help locate the oil, the use of boom to corral the oil, various skimming devices to recover the oil from the water, OSRVs and other smaller vessels to tend and deploy these response assets.

We also supply a range of support equipment including storage tanks, sorbents for oil spill and chemical cleanup and a range of training and contingency planning courses. Each of the core oil spill response solutions offered fully complements the globally adopted approach to tiered preparedness and response.

Our Oil Spill containment and Recovery products range:

Oil Containment Boom

  • Zoom Boom
  • Offshore & Ocean Boom
  • General Purpose Boom
  • InShore Boom
  • PermaGuard Boom
  • ShoreSeal Boom
  • River Boom
Oil Containment Boom

Oil Skimmers

  • Brush, Disc, & Drum Skimmer
  • Pedco Skimmer
  • Weir Star Skimmer
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
Oil Skimmer

Boom Reels & Containers

  • Boom Reel
  • Heli Pack & Deck Pack
  • Boom & Equipment Containers
  • Spill Response Trailers
Boom Reels and Containment

Response Boats

  • Sea Lander Response Boats
Response Boats

Storage Tanks

  • Tow Tank Torpedo and Tear Drop
  • Versatank and Onion Tanks
  • Bladder / Pillow Tanks
  • Air Transport Tanks
  • Versa-Berm
Storage Tanks

Ancillary Spill Response Equipment

  • Dispersant Spray System
  • Versa-Vacuum Trailer
  • Tow Bridles & Anchor Assemblies
  • Tide Slides
  • Magnetic Hull Connectors
  • Boom Chutes
Ancillary Spill Response Equipment

Waterway Security Barrier

  • Versa-Fence Security Barrier
Waterway Security Barrier

Complete Line of Absorbents & Spill Kits

  • Sorbent
  • Sorbent Spill Kits
Absorbents and Spill Kits
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