Oil Spills and Natural Gas Flaring in Nigeria

Oil spills and natural gas flaring is some of Nigeria is environmental challenges While Nigeria's development of the Oil sector has been good for the country's economy, oil sector development has had an adverse impact on the country is environment.

Oil extraction in the Niger Delta region has caused severe environmental degradation, owing to the legacy of oil spills, lax environmental regulations, and government complicity during military regimes that once governed the country. Although the situation is improving with more stringent environmental regulations for the oil industry, marine pollution is still a serious problem.

Air pollution from Natural Gas flaring, exhaust emissions from the explosion in car ownership, and electricity generators continue to leave Lagos shrouded in smog.

The use of solid biomass, such as fuel wood, is prevalent and constitutes a major energy source for rural Nigerians. The production and consumption of commercial renewable energy in Nigeria remains quite limited. With Nigeria's population continuing to increase, the pressure on the country's environment appears likely to increase as Well, even with the added focus on cleaning up the Niger Delta and tightening environmental laws and regulations.

Source: Energy Information Administration.

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